ChillFactor also Has Professional Sound and Lighting! This is Provided by Tom Shaffer (AKA Stevarino) Tom being a professional drummer for over 25 years and then being in a terrible accident that ended his career as a giging drummer. Tom decided to continue to be apart of the live music scene and invest in a massive PA system. Tom has a mega amount of PA and Lighting gear! 15000 watts of Power, Double 18's on each side and Double 15's with Horns to match! Tom has all Top of the Line Equipment, Mackie and Ev's to name a few. 4 seperate monitor Mixes makes this system the Best in San Antonio. He also has a Badass Light show. All LED's and a Fog Machine that brings out the true colors of each Scene. What Tom Brings to the Table for us is Cruical for your visual and hearing needs! He puts us a step higher than all other bands just with his eqiupment! Don't try to rent him out he is all ours :) We are truly blessed to be working with such a great professional!