Kurt T started playing guitar at the age of thirteen and even before that has always loved music. At an early age he was playing air guitar to Kiss records with his best friend Mike Hogan. Then at the age of sixteen he had his first band, Killing Angels, and did his first ever show for a college radio station called 95.1 Killz.  It was soon after that at the age of eighteen when music became an addiction.


At a venue called The Dirty Tease the stage was set for a moment that would change his life forever. The place was packed, the lights were out, and the drummer pumped out the song. When the lights came back on, an energy and passion took a hold of him and pushed him on the ride of his life. Later, he took a knee and described his emotion. ”What a rush”…it was on.


Since then, Kurt T has toured the upper and lower parts of the United States with numerous cover bands. He has done the USO tour (United States Organizations) and has been in many influential rock bands. His Current band, ChillFactor, is on the rise and is ready to revolutionize the face of rock.


Kurt’s unbridled energy and passion for music, and his playing always makes him a premier guitarist and musician. Always humble but forever the Rocker \,,/